Presidents Report 2016 and Meet our new executive committee.

On Saturday 22nd October we held our 2016 Annual General Meeting, a Presidents and Treasurers report was read and new executive committee sworn in. We are very excited to announce that this year we have integrated a Canadian executive to the team.

International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy Executive committee:

President: Bianca Moeschinger

VicePresident: Angelique Christina

Secretary: Priscilla Hole

Treasurer: Marilyn Crossley

Newsletter: Position Vacant

Marketing: Carole Friesen

Marketing: Ida Hanim Kamaruddin Schien

International Liaison: Melanie McMahon

Website/IT: Lorien Grimmer

Membership Committee: Priscilla Hole

2017 Conference Co-ordinator: Position Vacant

Canadian Executive

Canadian President – Cynthia Jones

Canadian Secretary – Erin Ulmer

Presidents Report – Written by Bianca Moeschinger Oct 2016

International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy (INTAPT) Executive Annual General Meeting President’s Report 2016

My mission for taking on the position of President of the International Association of Psychosomatic therapy was and is to create unity, to create a place where everyone who has been touched by this modality can come, join, be and liaise. This profession has so much merit in so many ways.

It is my purpose to have Psychosomatic therapy seen and recognised as a established therapy and widely accepted as many other therapies before it. In a profound way this therapy allows people to look in and become the master of their own domain. It allows them to making clear decisions in their own will about their journey and fate. Unlike other therapies where the professional is the expert and healer and the individual a passive subject, psychosomatic therapy empowers the individual to be the master of their own body and to be fully active, aware and involved in its expression, healing and development.

Mainstream Medicine and Psychosomatic Therapy can and do coexist. When an individual becomes empowered and aware they can source various modalities as required, in an active rather than passive way. Whether that is meditation, yoga, acupuncture, physiotherapy or mainstream medicine.

We started the year with a strong new Executive, fresh faces, ambition and ideas. When taking on this role we found that it took us a while to get into the rhythm of how the committee and the profession operated. The love and devotion that has gone into building this association since 2003 is apparent. A lot of previous Executive committees have worked really hard to create something with substance, structure and form for all of the members no matter how small our membership might be. We all believe in this work and that is why we all freely offer our time.

Over the year we have had 3 resignations of positions. Sabina Ivankovic left her secretary role early in the year, Fulvia Galigani resigned as newsletter editor and Vicki Delpero left later in the year as vice president. We thank them all for their time, offering and service to the community. Our team has been myself, Marilyn Crossley as Treasurer, Melanie McMahon as International Liaison and Carole Friesen as Marketing.

Our membership numbers for last year were 71 and as at today we have 49 who have just renewed and we have 10 new members who have joined us for the first time. We anticipate that majority of our members will renew before the end of November 2016, which will bring our membership number to around 81.

In alignment with the renewal of membership we have rolled out the Professional Development criteria in accordance with the Psychosomatic Therapy College’s accreditation requirements. We have had a slow response so far with only 20% of members reporting their development hours.

We have spent a lot of time this year upgrading the website to make it more interactive for our members:

  • Our Events and training section now lists all teachers events and up and coming festivals that we are attending throughout Australia, Canada and New Zealand with Malaysia coming on board. These events include Certificate III, Masters and Teachers as well as shorter courses offered by our teachers in the basics or more advanced levels of Psychosomatic Therapy in a more subject concentrated area. We also have a list of our accredited and registered teachers globally.
  • We have created a mentorship page to list our teachers who are offering this service; this is to create more opportunity for our members to achieve their professional development hours.

As part of our offering to the membership we have been sending out newsletters every 2 months to keep members informed of what is happening and also to invite members to get involved. A public newsletter has also been sent out to our public database, which has increased by 30% since the new Executive was appointed. One of our goals is to have a healthy and increasing in members database. Our Public newsletter is sent out without bias, if your event, podcast, YouTube, book or the like is on our website we will promote it. We are always looking for fresh and exciting Psychosomatic related offerings.

We have created an Event & Festival Kit for our members who wish to read faces and liaise with the public about Psychosomatic Therapy. Our members can use the Kit if they wish to have a stand at a festival or event. The kit contains banners; face reading tablets, appointment booking software and tablet, eftpos machine and the like, for our members to run a fully functioning stand. Last year we were at the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Mind Body & Spirit festivals.

One of our greatest successes this year is the International Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioners Facebook group page; we established this page to bring together everyone who has sat the 10 day Psychosomatic Therapy training, whether they were a member or not. This page is designed to discuss all things related to Psychosomatics and to connect people from all over the world while discovering what they are doing with the therapy. We currently have 196 members on the page; all our registered teachers are admins of this page and are encouraged to add their students once they complete the training.

We have recently established a Canadian Association of Psychosomatic Therapy; they will look after Canada and have monthly meetings with our President and International Liaison. This Association was established to give more support to our Canadian members. It is also to re-establish connections with the hundreds of students who have been touched by this therapy and bring them back together. We are aiming to create more exposure at Festivals across Canada and eventually hold a conference there.

We have partially created an online summit this year in partnership with the College. This created some internal challenges around the direction and flow this work needed to take. It was decided that we would put the summit on hold for the moment and roll it out over time with the right energy and the right team behind it. With good intention we wish to launch The Psychosomatic Therapy Summit in 2017 in partnership with the College.

Moving forward, we have a large Executive committee about to be voted in. We are looking forward to the 2017 psychosomatic therapy conference to be held in sunny Queensland. We are designing the conference around the experience with the theme of unity in mind. It will be a fun and interactive conference at a retreat centre where we can all get involved and meet some fellow Psychosomatic Therapy colleagues.

We are developing an online shop that will have books, podcasts and Psychosomatic Therapy based products for sale.

We will continue to improve our online resources and newsletters while building our community. This year we will approach private health insurance companies to make a play for acceptance. We will make our professional development procedure more clear, concise and accepted.

I wish to thank the Executive, the College and all of our members.

Bianca Moeschinger

President INTAPT 2016

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