‘What does your face say about you?’ mini workshop this Friday with Sue Shaw in Adelaide

What does your face say about you?

  • Discover your true potential and come face to face with facts at this unique introductory session to reading faces.
  • FACE2The body in the face shows how we have expressed or suppressed all our thoughts, feelings and emotional tension.

Find out how to enrich the capacity of our interaction with others at the very first meeting, so our right to be human is respected and accepted by those around us.

2 hour workshop will be delivered by one of our registered practitioners Sue Shaw.

Sue is qualified as a Psychosomatic Therapy practitioner, Reiki master, Angel intuitive and Festival Director.

If you are in Adelaide this Friday February 5th, come and learn about your face.  Opportunity to book in with Sue after, for your own personal face reading.

more details about event here..

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