Presidents report 2017 and meet our new executive committee

On Saturday 21st October we held our 2017 Annual General Meeting, a Presidents and Treasurers report was read and new executive committee sworn in.

International Board Executive

President: Bianca Moeschinger

VicePresident: Angelique Christina

Secretary: Priscilla W Hole

Treasurer: Gillian Maddigan

Canadian Executive Committee

(please note these titles represent equivalent to)

Canadian President – Cynthia Jones

Canadian Vice President – Lorrel Elian

Canadian Secretary – Robin Daoust

Socials – Erin Chaba and Erin Ulmer

Assistant – Tommoaso Biaslolo

International Information Technology/Website and Help Desk

Lorien Grimmer

Bookkeeper: Marilyn Crossley

Presidents Report – Written by Bianca Moeschinger Oct 2017

International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy (INTAPT) Executive Annual General Meeting President’s Report 2017

We started the year with a strong new Executive; we also expanded our committee to Canada, appointing 3 new Canadian positions.

Over the year we have had 2 resignations of positions. Marilyn Crossley left her Treasurer role early in the year, Melanie McMahon resigned as International Liaison. We thank them both for their time, offering and service to the community.

Our team has comprised of myself, Gillian Maddigan as Treasurer (with Marilyn Crossley staying on as Bookkeeper), Angelique Christina as Vice President, Priscilla Hole as Secretary, Carole Friesen as Marketing, Cynthia Jones as Canadian President, Lorrel Elian as Vice President and Erin Ulmer as Canadian Secretary. We have also had Lorien Grimmer as our IT/website and Helpdesk.

Our membership numbers are currently at 58. We have lost a few members who have chosen new paths and no longer require the membership, however, we have picked up some members who have been in the Psychosomatic Community for years and are now wishing to reignite their careers. We are also gaining a lot of membership from new practitioners and students.

We have reviewed the Professional development structure and brought it into more international alignment. We have made it wide and varying to allow all practitioners and teachers the opportunity to achieve their points. We have also created a more modern structure allowing for technology, online forums, book reviews, talks etc. As part of the professional development structure, we have made it compulsory for all practitioners and teachers to have a minimum of a first aid certificate and professional indemnity insurance.

This adjustment has meant that some people who fit the category of Practitioner and or teacher, but are not practicing, now fit into the associate category. It has become our focus that the practitioners and teachers that are registered with us and that we promote are doing continuing development and are actually active in their profession.

We have spent a lot of time this year creating forums and online tools for our members and also the public:

  • We have turned our bi-annual conference into an annual online Symposium
  • We are now doing bi-monthly Facebook lives from our broader teaching community
  • Our Practitioners page has become a centre point for sharing, connecting and development. Our numbers have reached nearly 300.

As you may have noticed our newsletters have been less frequent than last year. We have been communicating more actively through to the Facebook practitioner’s page, unless we have something specific for members only.

We have just completed our very first online Symposium. We had 16 of our registered international teachers and practitioners participate via interview format. We also provided a live Questions and Answers after their interview had aired.

Through this exercise:

  • We achieved a reach of over 200,000 people across the world (200,000 individual people saw our ads in their feeds – this is great for generating awareness and exposure for our profession).
  • Our online advertising videos were viewed over 25,000 times
  • We picked up just over 300 registrations for the Symposium.
  • We now have a product that will remain live for 12 months until the next symposium is launched. This product costs $79 USD.

The goal behind the symposium, was to create a product that could give the public a look into to Psychosomatic Therapy, it was also a tool that our community could use to reignite their flame from within and see what some of their community were and are doing. It was also an exercise in bringing some of our most experienced members together and share knowledge, ideas, stories across the community. I have had comments around how perceptions of various people have changed. The Symposium was also useful in showing new practitioners the various ways in which Psychosomatics is applied. The Symposium required a lot of work, effort and expertise. I would like to thank all involved and especially those who performed key technical tasks – Lorien Grimmer (website / IT), Tomasz Pietkiewicz (Filming, editing and uploads) and Priscilla W Hole (project management) This work will be built upon in the future and we hope to expand this offering.

At this point I also want to mention and commend people for taking the initiative in running Facebook lives. This is the brainchild of Gillian Maddigan. These sessions have been informative, enlightening and useful to have on our pages.

We as an Executive have worked very hard this year to achieve these goals and ultimately create more exposure and community. We have met every week, sometimes twice a week and stayed up until crazy hours of the night. I feel we have achieved a gold star and I want to thank the team. It has been an exceptional year full of growth, achievement and results. I feel the strength in this community and I feel now we are working together to expand our profession and knowledge base in a more grounded way.

I wish to thank the Executive, the College and all of our members.

Bianca Moeschinger

President INTAPT 2017


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