AGM Executive Job Descriptions

The Annual General Meeting is approaching and nominations for our next executive committee will close on the 30th September 2016.  We want you to join our team. What better way to serve your Psychosomatic community than as part of the executive committee?  In order to nominate for one of the positions you must be a financial member of INTAPT and be at, or higher than, a practitioner level.  If you have the motivation, ability and availability for one of the below positions please contact us.


We are looking for a Secretary

In this role you will be the Secretary to the executive.  You will be required to attend 1 hour Skype meetings once a month and perform duties as required.  This is a voluntary role.  We are looking for someone with enthusiasm and really good written and email skills.

Your job description is:

  • Give appropriate notice of upcoming meetings.
  • Send out meeting agendas and collate responses from members.
  • Receive and collate proxy nominations prior to INTAPT’s Annual General Meetings.
  • Record and distribute meeting minutes, including key decisions and actions.
  • Accept resignations from office bearers or members.
  • Provide written notice of any termination of membership.
  • Accept applications for inspection of records of minutes and membership register.
  • Accept financial auditor’s statement & report before each INTAPT AGM.
  • Looks after membership and professional development.
  • Handle emails from website.
  • Handle miscellaneous tasks appointed at executive meetings.

Skills required:

  • Good computer skills, i.e. using Dropbox.
  • Solid communication skills.
  • Have adequate time to apply each week to the position.
  • Ability to draft emails.
  • Enthusiasm and belief in Psychosomatic therapy and the community.


We are looking for a Festival and Kit Manager

In this role you will look after everything festival related (i.e. MIND BODY SPIRIT) on behalf of INTAPT. This role is for Australian based festivals. This includes: booking and negotiating stands at Festivals, assigning readers to seats / days and organising helpers for the stand.  Ensuring management of the setup and running of the stand. This includes creating and updating procedures on equipment and the like.  You will also be responsible for the festival kit, inventory (banners, electronic tablets, consumables etc)

It will also be your responsibility to calculate cost / profit of the stand and the distribution of moneys between readers. This includes organising deposits and payments.  At the end of festivals you will liaise with Treasurer re disbursement of funds.

Skills required

  • Keeping a calendar.
  • Communication skills.
  • Negotiating skills.
  • Management and decision making skills.
  • Must have time to attend a monthly 1 hour executive meeting via Skype.


We are looking for a IT and Website person:

In this role you will be required to perform all things IT related including updating of the website, newsletter and email integration if required.  Basic HTML is also at times required.  This is a voluntary role however, if the role goes over and above the basics we can look at remunerating for key tasks.  We may at times require you to implement marketing initiatives across the board for bi-annual conferences and the like.

  • Must have time to attend a monthly 1 hour executive meeting via Skype.


We are looking for a Newsletter editor:

In this role you will be required to create and edit two newsletters a month.  You will liaise with members of the committee and keep yourself abreast of events, talks, festivals and the like to keep the newsletters active and engaging.  The purposes of each newsletter is different with one being to a public list and one being for members. Marketing and sales savvy would be great.  Also a creative flare and excitement for the task is preferable.

Skills required:

  • Understanding of Mailchimp
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Available time to put into two newsletters each month
  • Time for a 1 hour meeting with the executive each month

We are also setting up an executive in Canada – consisting of four positions.  If you are in Canada and didn’t receive details about this please email Bianca at and she will send information to you.

For a confidential chat about any of the above positions please contact Bianca, Marilyn or Melanie on their respective emails linked.

Please note if you are interested in the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Marketing and International Liaison you can nominate yourself or someone else. While we already have nominations for these roles, they are still open and will be voted on at the AGM on the 22nd of October.

You have until 30th of September to nominate for any of the above positions.


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